KINE 1P90 Study Guide - Final Guide: Bronchus, Pharynx, Respiratory Minute Volume

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Kine 1p90- final exam review april 5, 2017. 50 multiple choice, 4 calculations, fill in the blanks, bonus matching question. Introduction: anatomy vs. physiology, functions of cells, organization (cells, tissue, organs, systems) Terminology: anatomical position terms, examples (inferior/superior, medial/lateral) Chapter 8- skeletal muscle structure and function: macroscopic structure, microscopic structure. Unit is the myofibril, made up of sarcomeres: muscle contraction mechanics (what happens during a muscle contraction, fiber types (types of motor units, sliding filament mechanism. Increase in ca2+ (calcium released in sarcoplasm) starts filament sliding. Decrease in ca2+ turns off sliding process. Thin filaments (made up of 3 proteins) on each side of sarcomere slide inward over stationary thick filaments toward center of a band during contraction. As thin filaments slide inward, they pull z lines closer together. All sar(cid:272)o(cid:373)eres throughout (cid:373)us(cid:272)le fi(cid:271)er"s le(cid:374)gth shorte(cid:374) si(cid:373)ulta(cid:374)eousl(cid:455) Contraction is accomplished by thin filaments from opposite sides of each sarcomere sliding closer together between thick filaments: power stroke.