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Brock University
Physical Education and Kinesiology
Maureen Connolly

PEKN 2PO3 Midterm Review: Course Objectives: o Understand various forms of gymnastics o Apply principles efficiently o Develop observational skills o Enhance personal movements o Develop sensitivity through relationships with partners and objects/equipment Lab Content: (throughout the whole course) - 4 concepts: - 1. body awareness: what parts of the body move - 2. special awareness: where the body moves - 3. effort awareness: how the body moves - 4. Relationships: with whom/what the body moved with - Body Awareness: - 1. Weight Bearing: - Support - Transfer of weight (4): - 1. Step like: - 2. Slide like: - 3. Flight: - 4. Rock n’ roll: - Balance (2): - Static balance: balancing while stationary - Dynamic: balancing while moving (think dynamic=speed/movement) - 2.Basic Functions: - Curl - Stretch - Twist - 3. Parts of the body: - Parts used - Parts stressed - Parts leading - Parts meeting/parting - Parts Used: symmetry (2 hands held up) and asymmetry: (1 hand up, 1 hand down) - 4. Body locations: - Locomoter - Gesture - Turns and rotations - Elevation (flight) - Simultaneous actions (done at the same time) - Successive actions (done at different times) - Spatial awareness: - 1. Pathways - Zigzag - Straight - Circular/curved - 2. Directions: - Forwards - Backwards - Left - Right - Up - 3. Levels - Low - Medium - High - 4. Extensions: (think you are stuck on a bar) - Longitudinal (up and down) - Anterior/posterior AP (front and back) - Transverse (left/right/sides) - Effort Awareness: - Speeds - Weight - Time - Rhythm - Relationships: - With partners - With apparatuses - Self and floor - Matching: exact same movements at the same time - Mirroring: same movements at the same time except opposite sides of the body (think about mirroring another person) ex: one does a right handed cartwheel another person does a left handed - Copying: same movement at different times - Negotiation: with partner using under, through, over, and above their partners/other objects - 4 movement forms: dance, fitness, games, gymnastics - Example of concept, theme, subtheme: - Concept: body awareness - Theme: weight baring - Subtheme: transfer of weight Lecture material: - Various forms of gymnastics: (4) - Chinese: martial art wushu (idea of gymnastics started) - Ancient Egypt: acrobats vaulted over bulls - Greek: - Gymmos: means naked - Gymnastics: means running, wrestling, swimming, throwing, jumping - King Minos: liked the idea of sport being pleasure/entertainment - He gave his royal approval for gymnastics to be a sport/entertainment - Soldier requirement: used skills to do gymnastics - Horses were a great asset - Gymnastics became a mandatory subject for all kids in schools - There are 2 sides to this sport: 1. War 2. Entertainment - Romans: evolved gymnastics to military training - It built muscles, strengthens, and the men are young and active (ready to fight) - 20 century changed this when weapons were invented - FIG: federation of international gymnastics, started in Liege in 1881 - Vault came from Roman’s getting on and off horses - 1896: only men were aloud in Olympics for gymnastics th - 19 century conflicts: - 1. Swedish freestyle system - 2. German: using apparatuses system - Both had different approaches and motifs - Europe: had large open air gymnastics (playgrounds started) - Military still exists today: saluting to judges after performance and marching into the Olympics with your countries - Women: body heavy - Men: top heavy th - 20 century women finally competed in Olympic games (started with calisthenics) - 7 forms of gymnastics: - Artistic - Trampoline - Rhythmic - Aesthetic (original) - General (calisthenics/groups/synchronized and Swedish) - Acrobatic - Educational (fundament/movement skills) - Friedrich Ludwig Jahn started turner gymnastics - Franz Nachtegall: opened military gymnastics (to
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