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POLI 1F90 Study Guide - Final Guide: Smallpox, Middle Power

Political Science
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Paul Hamilton
Study Guide

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POLI 1F90 Exam Review
Possible Essay Question
- Hoe do interest groups and social movements differ? What tactics, causes and goals do
each espouse> do these political actors enhance or undermine democracy?
What’s covered?
- Chapters 11-17
- Political parties to international responses to global problems
- What are they?
- What do they do?
- Are they necessary for a democratic society?
- Basic typology (PR and FPTP)
- What values are represented by each?
- What are advantages and disadvantages?
- What electoral system would you want for your society?
- True majority = most seats and most votes (only 3 in Canada)
Interest Groups and Civil Society
- What are interest groups?
- Are they god for democracy? Bad?
- What’s civil society?
- What’s happening with civil society?
Canada and the World
- Cold war
- Foreign policy challenges after the cold war
- What’s a middle power?
- Is peacekeeping a good idea?
International Organizations
- UN, G8, EU
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