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Brock University
Popular Culture
Scott Henderson

Tuesday November 29 2011PCUL1F92 FIRST TERMREVIEW SPECTACULAREXAM TIPSDont get too focused on the small stuffPay attention to the big picture the smaller parts should fall into placeCIRCUIT OF CULUTRE Hinted exam questionIt is not a memory exam per se focus on using key concepts and examplesConsider the course as a wholeWrite in penAlso bring lots of pens Went over exam Instructions Refer to course readings and lectures as appropriateDEFINITIONSSelect 4Definediscuss of those in the context of understanding popular culture in general specific attention to relevant theories and examples form the courseEach answer should be two paragraphsOne defining the term or identifying the guideThe second explaining the relevance of this termfigure to our course through the use of an exampleYou must use a different example for each responseProfessors example hegemonyBIG PICTUREWe began by considering how we understand popular culture what we needed to bring to the tableNoted there were a broad range of factors that influence any meaningoeg Phil Collins GraffitioMany ways of understanding itFAMILY GUYHeavily relies on our Popular Culture knowledgeIts style and structure point to the typical family sitcom
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