PSYC 1F90 Study Guide - Quiz Guide: Leading Question, Multiple Choice, Flashbulb Memory

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29 Sep 2016

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Maintaining info in memory bringing stored info to mind a form that can be stored. Brief storage for info currently being used: what you"re thinking about right now! Declarative memory: episodic memory for events you"ve experienced, semantic memory for general knowledge. Non- declarative memory: motor skills eating, driving, acquired through repetition, habits, simple classical conditioning responses. Best way to remember new info --- relate it to info already in ltm. How long we remember something (seconds > lifetime) depends on how deeply we process info. Recall remember info with a few or no retrieval cues: eg. What are the 3 processes involved in memory: retrieval cues, recognition recognize something as familiar easier, eg. In past- believed memory worked like a video recorder ** note true. Memory is a reconstruction: piece together a few highlights, using info that may or may not be accurate, partly truth & partly fiction.

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