PSYC 1F90 Study Guide - Final Guide: Electra Complex, Hypochondriasis, Unconditional Positive Regard

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29 Sep 2016

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Personal theory controversial freud said it formed in childhood. Central role of sex instinct (is in unconscious) Freud"s term for both his theory of personality and his therapy for the treatment of psychological disorders. Freud also referred to three systems of personality. Id unconscious; contains instincts operates according to the pleasure principle. Seek pleasure, avoid pain, immediate gratification source of the libido (psychic, sexual energy fuels personality) only one you"re born with: ego (i, me) Mediator (one job: to satisfy the id ) reality principle: do it, but only if it is safe . Main function: satisfy the id: superego conscious & unconscious. Feeding, chewing: the anal stage (12-18 mo to 3 yrs) Potty training- holding things in and/or letting things out: phallic stage (3-5 yrs) We do not remember because it"s an unpleasant memory so we involuntarily push it into the unconscious. Super ego develops at end of this stage.

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