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Brief History of Psychology

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John Mitterer

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BRIEF HISTORY OF PSYCHOLOGYSTRUCTURALISM Wilhelm Wundt 18321920 The school of thought concerned with analyzing sensations and personal experience into basic elementsWundt is credited in creating an independent science of psychology separate from philosophy Wundts original training was in medicine but changed paths to psychology He founded the connection between sensations images and feelings combined to create personal experiencesLater his ideas were carried out in the US by Edward Titchener who then coined Wundts work at structuralismFUNCTIONALISM William James 18421910 The school of psychology concerned with how behaviour and mental abilities help people adapt to their environments He was the son of philosopher Henry James Sr and brother of novelist Henry James Jr He taught philosophy psychology physiology and anatomy at Harvard University for many years He believed ideas should be judged in terms of their practical consequences for human conductHe broadened psychology for it to include animal behaviour religious experiences abnormal behaviour and other interesting topics also the study
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