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John Mitterer

PSYCHOLOGY STUDY QUESTIONS Test 1 Chapter 1 Introduction and Research Methods William James was interested in how the mind helps us adapt to the environment This school of thought is known as functionalismPsychodynamic theories of psychology emphasize internal motives conflicts and unconscious forces Palmistry is the belief that lines on the hand can predict the futureAn evolutionary psychologist might look at how genetics and prehistoric behavior might explain current behaviorMike is interested in studying the behavioural similarities and differences between humans and aardvarks He is probablypsychologist a comparative Jim participated in a research study where he took St Johns Wort to alleviate his depression Because he knew that he was being observed he always tried to put a smile on his face This change in behaviour due to the awareness of being observed is known as the observer effectResearch method a systematic process for answering scientific questionsDavid went to the country fair where a mystic felt the structure of his skull and tried to describe his personality This mystic can be described as a phrenologist Which of the following behaviours can best be described as overt behaviour playing poker overt behaviourWhat postgraduate degree does a psychiatrist earnMDHypothesis describes a testable hunch or educated guessJill heard about a wonder drug that cures cancer from a television infomercial She noticed that the infomercial was funded by the drug company that developed the drug and this made her suspicious of the pharmaceutical utility of the drug This illustrates that consumers of science shouldbeware of oversimplifications motivated by monetary gainLinda read an article about testing anxiety and realized that she frequently got stomach aches before taking a test From this she determined that she suffers from test anxiety although she read but forgot that people with test anxiety also suffer from sweaty palms Lindas belief in the points that confirmed her expectations and her forgetting of the rest of the information might be attributed to fallacy of positive instancesDr Jones believes that behavior originates outside of human control From this belief in determinism Jones is probably a psychoanalytic psychologistWhich goal of psychology is associated with naming and classifying behavior descriptionThe strength and direction of a relationship between two variables can be expressed as a coefficient of correlationIn Dr Smiths research to determine if baboons are aggressive when they encounter other primates such as chimpanzees he measured aggression by counting the number of howls elicited from the baboon when a chimpanzee is variable in this studypresent The number of howls is the dependent measured not manipulatedBecause we cannot see or touch depression we have to state the exact procedures used to represent it as a psychological concept In other words we have to create an operational definitionProfessor Smith conducts research to determine if baboons are aggressive when they encounter other primates such as chimpanzees The manipulation that varies the presence or absence of a chimpanzee is an example of an independent variable Behaviourism is the concept of conditioning is associated with schools of psychological thoughtPositive Psychology is the study of human strengths virtues and effective functioning Critical thinking is built upon which of the critical principle of judging the quality of evidenceTest 2 Chapter 2Brain and BehaviourIn a splitbrain operation to control severe epilepsy what structure is severed The Corpus CallosumIn a technique known as electrical stimulation of the brain weak electrical currents can be used to activate target areas of the brainAndy had brain surgery to alleviate a medical disorder During the procedure the doctor damaged a portion of the limbic system such that Andy has difficulty controlling his fear and anger emotions The part of the limbic system mainly responsible for this ability is the AmygdalaWhich gland located in the neck regulates metabolism ThyroidThe autonomic system portion of the peripheral nervous system controls vegetative functions such as heart rate and digestionLefthanded people are generally better at visualizing threedimensional objectsInstead of passing down the length of the axon action potentials leap from gaptogap using a process known as saltatory conductionThe electrical charge of an inactive neuron is called its resting potentialLateralization refers to the specialization in the abilities of the brain hemispheresWhat part of the forebrain is referred to as the switching station for sensory messages on their way to the cortex ThalamusThe space between two neurons over which information is passed is known as the synapseEvidence suggests that mens and womens brains are specialized in different ways An examination of Brocas area revealed thatwomen were more likely to use both hemispheresThe pituitary gland is associated with growth and lactationWhich of the following are side effects of steroid abuse Voice deepening liver damage shrinkage of testesWhich portion of the limbic system is important in forming lasting memories HippocampusThe most detailed 3D image of the brain is produced by a MRI ScanThe pons acts as a bridge between the medulla and other areas of the brainNeurogenesis is the term used to describe the process of growing new neuronsMyelin Sheath is the fatty layer of tissue that covers the axons of a neuron
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