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Chapter 13: Health, Stress, and Coping Health Psychology  Health Psychology: study of the ways in which behavioural principles can be used to prevent illness and promote health  Behavioral Medicine: the study of behavioural factors in medicine, physical illness, and medical treatments Behavioral Risk Factors: behaviours that increase the chances of disease, injury or premature death  Lifestyle Diseases: a disease related to health-damaging personal habits  65% of American adults are overweight  Some people have a general disease prone personality Health Promoting Behaviour:  Some diseases can be prevented by making minor changes in behaviour  Don’t have to be restricting or burdensome  We tend to flock together with like-minded people and adopt many of their habits Early Prevention:  Smoking is the largest most preventable cause of death and the single most lethal factor  Prevent things before they become a life long habit  Refusal Skills Training: program that teaches youths how to resist pressures to begin smoking  Give kids skills to cope with many day to day stresses Community Health Campaigns: a community-wide education program that provides information about how to lessen risk factors and promote health Positive Psychology: Wellness:  Life long pursuit and a labour of love; physically and psychologically healthy Stress  Stress: the mental and physical condition that occurs when a person must adjust or adopt to the environment  A healthy lifestyle includes a fair amount of eustress (good stress) o Challenging, rewarding and energizing  Stress reactions begin with the same ANS arousal
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