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Believed we were of mind and body; voluntary and involuntary. Respond to the environment with automatic responses; not a conscious decision. Stems from the body; acts as a machine: voluntary (conscious behavior) Stems from the mind; conscious, rational thought. Assumed pineal gland is only in humans and therefore only humans have a mind: reflexes. First to notice we automatically respond to the environment: nativism-innate ideas. Every culture has some idea about religion so that must be innate. John locke-tabula rasa: believed we"re born with a completely blank mind (tabula rasa); no ideas. Therefore everything that we learn comes from experience: influenced behaviourism. Thomas hobbes-hedonism: we"re governed by hedonism. Hendoism: everything we do is to seek pleasure and avoid pain. Mind works by association: rules of association (also stated by aristotle): Contiguity: if two things happen at the same time they become associated. Salt and pepper are always seen together therefore they are associated with one another.

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