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Garrett Hutson

sept 10 lecture 1 9242013 34900 AM What is risk Exposure to the chance of injury or loss a hazard its not worth the risk Insurance A The hazard or chance of loss B The degree of probability of such loss C The amount that the insurance company may lose D A person or thing with reference to the hazard involved in insuring him her or it E The type of loss as life fire marine disaster or earthquake against which an insurance policy is drawn To expose to the chance of injury or loss hazard to risk ones life To venture upon take or run the chance of to risk a fall in climbing to risk a warVenture to undertake to express as when opposition or resistance appears likely to follow be bold enough dareHistory of Risk adventure and risk have been from the very beginning of human existence an integral part of character and personality The acts of protection defending territorial rights and foraging for food were some of the daily risks taken by early peopleWhy should we risk when we stop doing things that require us to stretch our physical and mental resources to push ourselves beyond the point where we feel completely safe sept 17 lecture 2 9242013 34900 AM Actual lecture posted on sakai Deep waters discussing book risk is introduced on page 2 through character we cannot teach character Flow theory chart by Csikszenpmihalyi getting outside your comfort zone you take risk in order to experience flowMaslows Hierarchy of needs risk management and risk optimization slideRisk Management Model Framework processfour stepsit is the process we will be talking about the whole semester and is very important when things goes wrong this is something we can refer to and try to realize how things went wrong1 Risk Identification obvious ideas of where accidents happen Most important part of risk identification is the foreseeable risks a danger which a reasonable person should anticipate as the result from his actions What is reasonable and unreasonable 2 Risk Evaluationhow frequent does something happen and how severe is it Finding out what you can control or what do you have to change 3Risk Treatment Planhow are you going to treat this risk you just identified You can do 1 of 4 things 1retain it2Reduces the potential of an incident make the pool deck not so wet 3transfer the risk make people go to a different pool and not yours pay someone else to use their pool instead4 Or cancel whatever you are doingWhen you put risk evaluation and risk treatment togetheryou get Risk Management process Yellow blue and red chart on sakai 4 Risk implementationyou actually do the plan you made which is above You decide theres a dangerous area so you make the decision but in this process is the actual doing of making things more safe TERMS
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