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~1400 ad is the origin of science: inventions were going on. Word science" comes from the latin words scientia (knowledge) and scire (to know) science is a process. Greece ~500/600 bc: travelled to asia, copied" their ideas and brought them back to greece, science & philosophy. No difference between science experiments and philosophy. Using deductive reasoning as to why something was occurring would not focus in on experiments. Anaximander ~610-546 bc: first to come up with maps of the earth, terrestrial & solar first concept. Did not have telescopes but tried to map them out and determine how often they were moving: did not believe air, water, earth or fire were the fundamental" elements of the universe. Leucippus & democritus ~460 bc: plant diversity, fundamentals parts to plants and animals but not to humans, came up with atoms. Leucippus & democritus atomos: point at which matter can no longer be subdivided. Believe to be in water, air, fire, etc.

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