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Kathy Deliovsky

SOCI 1F90 Sections 1 and 2 Study GuideFinal ExamExam Date Wednesday April 9 14001700 Study the following material for the multiple choice component of the exam 50 questions worth 50 marks Characteristics of GlobalisationGlobalisation set of social processes that produce globality process that gets us thereComplexInterconnectedGlobalization is a process its fluidCreates new social networksExpands and stretches social relationsIntensifies and accelerates social exchangesactivitiesMultidimensionalFosters awareness of deepening connections between local and globalAge StratificationSocial ranking by age a hierarchy of value some people are more valued simply based on ageDifferential access to resources rewards opportunities based on ageChanges over time and between culturesMiddle aged people have most access to resources especially among employment work those under 25 and those who are retired are often the most poorBinaryOne is what the other isnt two categories are related to each other but in opposition and in a hierarchy eg woman and man white and not whiteEg Mindbody binary body is not mind mind is not body mind is privilegedthe body is just the shellAgeismInequality resulting from age stratificationUsing age to define an individuals capabilities and social worth and to determine access to resources opportunitiesAge discrimination people act on ideas of age valueAgeist OppressionSee definition of ageismFunctions of MediaInformSet agendasSocializePersuadeEntertainSociological Imagination
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