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sociology chapter 3 review

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Daniel Glenday

What is Culture y Blueprint for behaviour y Culture is a way of life shared by a group of people which includes a system of ideas values beliefs knowledge and customs transmitted from generation to generation y A society consists of people their culture is what they have what they do and how they think together y The material and nonmaterial objects that define a peoples way of lifeAnalogy Iceberg effectMaterial Culture 5 senses y Touch taste small hear seeKinds of Culture y iPad 2 Toyota PriusMaterial Culture y All the tangible products of a national community or society y Ex Jewelry art housing cars clothing etc Nonmaterial Culturey Beliefs thought patters values mythsNonmaterial Culture y What makes you a stranger when you are away from home y Nonmaterial culture o All the intangible products of a society o Ex Patters of communication how to address someone types of government democracy philosophies ethics about capital punishment how to use material objectsComponents About Nonmaterial Culture 1 Symbols Anything that can carry meaning y Often taken for granted y Can bind people together or separate them y Symbols allow people to make sense of their lives 2 Gestures using ones body to communicate y Culture specific y Cultures teach us to apply certain meanings to gestures 3 Nonverbal Communication or Body Language y Personal Space North Americans and Northern Europeans prefer to stand about a meter apart people from Southern European and Asian countries are comfortable a little closer
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