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Sociology full review

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Daniel Glenday

Sociology ReviewWhat is Sociology The scientific study of human social behaviourKarl Marx 18181883 y Historical Stages of Development o Primitive communism slavery feudalism capitalism communism y Key to understanding human history an behaviours o Praxis live in communities and we workHuman beings have always been social beings because we must work in order to live and the production of the means of subsistence is always a collective social activity o The mode of production od material life determines the general character of the social political and spiritual processes of life y Alienation exploitation and class struggle o Three types of alienation product production and society o Exploitation MCM where M M o Class Struggle Bourgeoisie those in control vs Proletariat those exploitedSocial Conflict Theory Individuals and social groups struggle for their fair share of scarce resourcesClass Conflict struggle between the proletariat and the bourgeoisieEmile Durkheim 18581917 y Focus on Social Order o Two different patterns of social behaviour Mechanical and organic solidary y Conscience collective and the division of labor y Repressive vs restitutive law y Social Division of Labor o Sui Generis or individual become human in the process of social interaction Individuals are mes or objects Social Problem How best to adapt the individual to Society or State y Suicide what he decided to study discovered not individual reason but social factors have an effect o Assumption Animals naturalinstincts Humans Unlimited Desires o Three types of suicide Egoistic comakazi Altruistic and AnomicIndividualism patriotism and maladjustment o Solution for Anomic Suicideoccupational groups and moral educationMax Weber 18641920 y Webers Dialogue with Karl Marx and Marxism o The Nature and Origin of Modern Capitalism and Why Capitalism Emerged in the Occident The West o Protestant Ethic and the Spirit of Capitalism y Webers Theory of Domination and Freedom o Traditional Authority authority based on customs o LegalRational Authority based on law or written rules and regulations o Charismatic Authority based on individuals outstanding traits which attracts followers Canadian Sociology y Carl Dawson was credited with introducing the discipline to an English speaking audience in Canada y First major program was at McGill in 1922 under Dawsons leadership y Dawson brought many sociologists from Chicago to McGill y Until the 1960s when an independent department of sociology was established at UofT any sociology was done through the auspices of the Department of Political Economy y Harold Innis headed the DPE at UofT y Innis the Staples Theory of social and economic development y American taught sociologists came to Canada not a lot of Canadian studies were doneFive different theories paradigms or worldviews y Symbolic Interactionism Micro o Symbols Objects or events to which we attach meaning are the basis of social life Symbols can change meaning without there would be nothing o We are able to interact with others because we share an understanding of the meaning of certain symbolsCharles Horton Cooley 18641929George Herbert Mead 18631947Functional Analysis Macro y Structural Functionalismo Society is a whole unit made up of interrelated parts that work together o Machine Metaphor and Pathology o Key figuresEmile DurkheimTalcott Parson and Robert Merton o Three types of social functionsManifest functions what its made forLatent functions what it is used for but not originally made forDysfunctions o Car provides a good example of how institutions such as the economy of family can perform various functions y Social Conflict Macro o Individuals and social groups struggle for their fair share of scares resources o Key figures
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