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Brock University
Sara Cumming

1Brock University Department of SociologySOCI 1F90 Introduction to SociologyFallWinter 201112Section 01Course InstructorSara J Cumming WinterOffice AS 405EmailscummingbrockucaOffice Hours Wednesdays 1200pmLectures Wednesday400pm600pmRoomTH247Course DescriptionThis course continues building on the foundation for the theoretical methodological and conceptual approaches used by sociologists and taught in the first semester of the course Using a broad range of topics as the backdrop this course illustrates the ways in which a sociological perspective is unique This half of the course will continue our exploration of intersectionality focusing on the ways that gender sexuality race class and family intersect in our livesWe will also explore topics such as media education health crime and deviance globalization and work and political economyCourse RequirementsWinter TermLiterature Review 2 20Test 2 10Final Exam 20 April set by the Registrars OfficeSeminar Participation 15 SeptemberApril evaluated in AprilLectureAttendance at all lectures is essential for success in this courseStudents are expected to be familiar with materials introduced in class lectures and videos as well as all assigned readings Lecture notes will not be posted nor distributed by the instructor or seminar leadersIf you miss a lecture please make arrangements to borrow notes from another studentVideos shown in class are ordered from multiple sourcesIf you miss a video please make arrangements to borrow notes from a fellow student or make your own arrangements to find the video for your viewingThe instructor does not have copies nor are they available through the Brock libraryAs a courtesy to others please do not hold conversations or answer phones etc during lecturesAnyone acting in a manner that makes it difficult for others to concentrate will be asked to leave the lecture hall It is your responsibility to be in classTest 2 10Students will write test two during lecture time The test is based on lecture materialincluding films and guest speakers and assigned course readings It will consist ofmultiple choice and short answers Missing a test is a seriousoccurrence Missed tests will be judged on a casebycase basis Each request for a
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