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Beer commercial It shows us that sexuality is linked to women The social constructions of sexualities Sexuality includesSexual orientation refers to an individuals sexual and emotional attraction to a person of a particular sexSexual identity butch femme heterosexual straight ectIncludes our sense of self as either masculine or feminine our knowledge of our bodies sexual history sexual preferencesCovey through language and interactionSex acts kissing oral sex penetration bondage etc Meanings have become embedded in our languages laws popular culture social rituals and medical definitions Meanings of sexual desires sexual acts and sexual expressions have social approval and which are denied eg kissingSocial construction of gender o Gender is socially constructed characteristics of a male or a femaleo Masculinity and femininity o Binary opposition in sex is male or female and gender is masculinity or femininity o Gender is shaped in society it changes it tells us what is acceptableSexual identities HomosexualityClosetedheterosexism is the practice of holding up heterosexuality as the ideal and as normalHomophobia is an irrational fear or hatred of homosexualsHomosexual identitiesSocially producesIndustrial revolutionGay liberal movementLegalization of gay marriagesHeterosexualityAttracted to andor engage in sexual activities with members of the opposite sexReinforced through surveillance Foucaultsocial organization of heterosexuality vary across time and location In western society tends to be organized around marriage or longterm relationships and monogamyEnjoying social privilege BisexualityAttracted to both men and womenMay shift between heterosexuality and homosexual relationships over their livesChallenges the notion that heterosexuality and homosexuality are mutually exclusive and oppositional categories Pan sexualityRomantic and sexual desire for people regardless of their gender identity of biological sexIncludes attraction to transsexual and transgendered individualsMonogamy
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