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Daniel Glenday

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o Comprehensive covers additional empirical o Why do people live in big cities and off themselves with greater frequency than say people that live in countryside o Durkheim and his idea of anomie o Ideas of social solidarity o Durkheim tells us that in order for ego, when social integration is weak, suicide rate increase o He talks about anomie here o Durkheim as anomie increases, suicide increases  this is why, theory of the ego and theory of anomie o Social integration is stronger  relatives in the community, down street people known, known commodity o When you live in an urban milieu o If you live in a big city, we talk about being anonymous, unknown o Anonymity is when you are unknown o When you walk down the street in an urban setting, people don’t know you o Anonomie both powerful concepts o Social anonomity it is on your list o McKinnon lives in a condo, doesn’t know anybody, doesn’t know his neighbours, etc.  You don’t find that kind of thing in rural or traditional societies  You don’t find that in houses  But if you live in condo/apartment, there is much more annomity  Studies show that suicide rates are higher when you live in apartment and condo because they suffer from anomie  You are more likely to be detached, alone, etc. o Data Relsman (on list) book called Lonely Crowd how he categorizes anomie of city. The city is a lonely crowd, packed densely, but they don’t know each other, the likelihood that the interaction will be impersonal. Impersonal means you have in cities, you have buying and selling. You may interact with people as a buyer or seller, but that’s it doesn’t go further than that. o Reality tv show o Idea of a deeper explanation  Theories are macro, comprehensive. What else do our theories account for. Theories account for by-stander effect.  by-stander effect is when a by-stander stands and watches something and doesn’t want to get involved. Classic example of by-stander effect is Kitty Genovoesee became world famous as far as uni students are concerned  find her in socio and psycho texts o She was walking down a street in NYC and was attacked with someone by a knife who stabbed her, screamed, blood pouring all over the place, and bystanders watched, turned away and said it’s not my business. The assailan became alarmed that she was screaming so loudly was frightened off by her screams. So he ran away and hid in an alley. He stood there and watched and Kitty was lying on the sidewalk bleeding to death and nobody came to help her. So the assailan left the alley, walked out, middle of the street and kil
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