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Changing Socialization

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Ann Duffy

SOCI 2P52 - SOCIALIZATION & SOCIAL CHANGE –ADAM & RIVER – 4 MARCH 2014 INTRODUCTION: the understanding of socialization and social change involves two complex roles: 1) the role of agency and resistance, and 2) the role of shifting societal realities which is directly affected by most importantly technology and the economy. 1) “Putting Family First: Shifting discourses of motherhood and childhood in representations of mothers employment and child care” by Glenda Wall 2) “Babies, television and videos: How did we get here?” by Ellen Wartella et al. - Started in the 1950s and is continuously rising for three reasons: 1) educational, 2) entertaining, and 3) increased parent-child interaction - Program content of the baby media is (explicitly and inexplicitly) intended to provide children with educational or informational programming in an entertaining presentational style that elicits the children’s attention and demonstrates to the parents that their infants are learning - There is a range of benefits to preschoolers who use educational media, in areas including literacy, mathematics, science, pro-social behaviors, and problem solving - Parents generally believe in the positive role infant media could play in their children’s development - Research doesn’t show exactly the effects of media exposure on babies’cognitive development but the study encourages the notion that media is taking away from the benefits of embodied learning through play and problem solving abilit
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