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Sara Cumming

Analyzing Test and Images March 21, 2013 Historical Data  Rely on written record, art, film, photographs  Can be used with current data  What does that cemetery tell you about certain peoples situations o Religion o How much money they have o Lifespan o Gender o Social class  Archives and rare libraries o Located in Toronto o Unpublished letters, manuscripts, diaries  Most from famous people o Photographs. Sketches, paintings o Copies of birth, death, marriage certificates o Land registries o Maps, court records, titles to properties o Architectural drawings and plans o All the meetings of minutes for municipalities  School boards, city hall, etc.  Primary documents o Can get online o Original – timed, dated  Secondary documents o Those that refer to primary documents or use primary documents in their research  Missing data is the number one problem  Biases -> doing research on someone’s opinion  Examples: Historical wills o Majorie Griffin Cohen  How do people ensure care in old age?  Document transition from family economy to wage economy  Looked at 31 wills of men  Only 2 men left property to their wives  Some gave their wives use of the land with no rights  Over 1/3 specified that the women would be disinherited if they remarried  Women didn’t own property on their own -> had to have a man to provide it  This type of information told us that old age security in the 1850s was through family obligation and patriarchal notions  Was ableto see when womens work became necessary  Once women were able to make money, there was a shift of who got property Images as Data - Pre-existing o Advertising as qualitative data  Eving Gofamn (1979). Gender Advertisements  Gender displays in advertising  Noted that when we make adults looks like children (infantalization) of women -> women are often displayed like children and are often viewed as subordinate to the male in advertising  Argued that advertising doesn’t depict how real men and women behave in society -> they serve the social purpose of saying this is how they should behave  This type of tasks or advertising was effective in maintain social order in society  Susan Bordo (2003). Unbearable Weight  Obsessive body practices  Trying to say that advertising is part of the problem for all of the anxieties that exist about one’s body (why we feel that we have to look a certain way)  Advertisers are manifestations of the advertisers own bodies  Concludes that practices such as cosmetic surgery, obsessive physical training or diet represent how cultural representations homogenize o How over time we see in media the forming of one ideal, despite whatever culture you are looking at  Susan Bordo (199). The male  Looked at how male bodies are portrayed in popular culture  Movies, billboards, advertisements, literature  Discovered that anxiety over bodily forms didn’t belong to women only  Using advertisement, she also looked at the idea surrounding the male penis and gay culture in advertising o What is it that links the advertising to gay or straight men  Jean Kibourne – Killing us Softly  Advertising tells us that is it is most important how we look o Women have to strive to achieve the look society presents  Flawless  No pores  Cannot be achieved -> airbrushing  All advertisemesnt are photoshopped  Women are turned into objects  Effets female self-esteem  Turning a human being into an object allows them to be attacked by violence  Just one part of the body is focused on -> turned into things  Need to be beautiful , but cannot achieve it which breaks down a wall -> allows for women to understand that
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