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18 Apr 2012
SOCI 1F90 Section 01 Exam Review 2012
Lectures to review: Media, Education, Crime and Deviance, Work and Political Economy,
Seminar Reading: Naomi Klein Discarded Factory
Textbook Chapters: Education, Crime and Deviance, Work and Political Economy,
Media: Education as we see it, No Logo, all music and clips shown in class
Exam Breakdown: 30 multiple choice, 4 short answers worth 10 marks each, 1 long answer worth 30 marks and
one bonus question worth 5 marks.
Things to pay particular attention to when studying:
Hidden curriculum chilly climate manifest and latent function
Residential schools massification meritocracy
Cultural capital McDonaldization objective deviance
Subjective deviance Criminology public order
Moral regulation at risk moral panic
Capitalism political economy neoliberalism
Labour market economy economic systems
Recession sectors changes in systems
Globalization globality homogeneity of culture
Heterogeneity of culture branding
Questions to think about while studying
What is the basic premise of each of our main theories?
According to Naomi Klein, what effects do global capitalism and branding have on a) global employment
patterns, b) the types of jobs that are created and c) the types of working conditions that are produced for factory
What are the theories of education?
What are the approaches to studying crime and deviance? How do we decide what is deviant?
How does objective deviance differ from subjective deviance?
What is branding and how does it affect us?
What are the characteristics of globalisation?
Have we experienced heterogeneity or homogeneity of culture as a result of globalisation?
How has globalisation affected employment patterns between the global north and global south?
Outline the manifest and latent functions of education.
According to Professor Bezanson what are the four sections of the economy and what types of work does each
The economic system in which we live is relatively new and its characteristics are unique from economic systems
that came before it. Discuss the rise of capitalism. Based on lecture and your readings, outline its defining
What is neoliberalism?
Explain the McDonaldization of society.
Why and how are women treated differently in the criminal justice system?
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