SOCI 1P80 Study Guide - Final Guide: Prosimian, Carbon-12, Neurosurgery

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29 Sep 2016

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Anthropology is the most scientific of the humanities & the most humanistic of the sciences. (eric wolf, 1994) The various elements of humankind must be understood together. Four fields are utilized to understand the fabric of humankind. Fabric of humankind: physical or biological anthropology, archaeological anthropology, linguistic anthropology, cultural/social anthropology. Physical anthropology inquiries into human evolution & the relationship of humans to other primates. Paleoanthropology study of ancient diseases through the study of bones & fossils: ex. Primatology study of biological change over time through skeletal material & artifacts: ex. Forensic study of human skeletal remains to determine the identity of unidentified bones: ex. Molecular study of genes & genetic relationships: ex. Archaeology the study & interpretation of past societies, people, and their culture. Soil marks stains on surface of recently plowed fields. Grid system system for reading data. Dotcum point starting point or reference for grid system. Prehistorical the study of the past before historical records began: ex.

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