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Mutant cyanobacteria and the by-product of photosynthesis. Formation of new species: result of mutation (macroevolution and speciation) Tree of life grew & became more diverse. Skull developed and a hinged jaw, they also grew bigger and developed fins therefore fish dominated the water. Amphibians dry scaly skins, broke their link with water and created reptiles. Dinosaurs came after crocodiles and dominated the land. Layers of rock tell time, and reveal information about the past. Kt boundary black layer of clay, iridium is in this layer. Garhi homo habilis homo erectus homo sapiens. Not the brain, they had small brains. Mode of locomotion bipeds (two legs) *homology* As we enslaved our feet, we freed our hands for new activities. Homo habils eat meat, protein increases brain size. Homo erectus begins to use fire (we discovered charred bones) History of tape worms due to raw meat.

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