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Carleton University
African Studies
AFRI 1001

African Studies NotesReal AfricaRepresentation in Popular Culture and MediaEdouard Glissantwriter decolonizationWest is not a place its a projectWest has come to represent idea not geographyEdouard said Orientalism East is product of western classificationEastWest are constructions become dominant way of thinkingIdeas of Africa formed by politicseconomics going back to colonialismSynecdochepart of something becomes the whole Misinfa about Africa has become a growth industry in the West Ama BineyIdeas of Africahomogenouslanguage economics infrastructurewild entirely ruralstarvingat warcorruptunder development therefore in need of helpTaken humanity out of continent Stock images perpetuateexotismHeros of the dark continent 1889Headlines wild tribes hostile Mourningferocious breastssemantic fieldlinks words impliesthe word vision effectBring mainstream piece of AfricaEdgar Rice Burroughs 1914TarzanGone on to influence ideas about Africa todays trophies that has currencystory of white man drpped into Africacan soon do everything better than anyoneEuropean center story about africaChimamanda Ndichethe power of a single storytold enough single story becomes only storydehumanizes belittlesAuthenticity is a mythAuthentic African story doesnt correspond to stereotypesPeople themselves start only knowing perpetuating stereotypesPieshe wrote Eurocentric story as a childOnly gives impression of Illusion ie Vanity Fair coverObama not african intellectual VoicePower imperial relationship
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