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ANTH 1001 Midterm Notes

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ANTH 1001
Pauline Aucoin

Anthropology Midterm Notes Continued... 4 Sub-disciplines  Biological anthropology (2 types) Human Evolution/Genetics/Growth/Adaptation Primatology  Archaeology o Study the past through recovery of materials o Try to reconstruct cultures o Attempt to understand rise AND fall of civilizations  Linguistic Anthropology o Study of language and non-spoken communication and the human capacity for language o Socio-linguistics: the relationship between social and linguistic variations  How do speech patterns differ because of class, gender, ethnicity..?  Socio/Cultural Anthropology o Study of existing and recent cultures of the world o How do humans organize themselves into social groups? o We are "social beings" o Studies the diversity of human social organization - contemporary societies o Understand individual cultures, and compare them so that we understand how and why they differ o Records the details of humans' lives so as to understand how they make a living and how they interact with their environment = economic activity, ecological adaptation o Determines how a society is organized in terms of its family system  Kinship 
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