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Fluid Signs p2252876 A Theoretical InterludeBecause of having dialogue with his informants the author claims to have understood this culture for its own termsCulturesemiotic one that holds that a culture is a loosely integrated system of signs created by dialogue in the communicative act between an anthropologist and his informantsTo identify the definition of cultureit would be the signThe signthe represent amen the object and the interpretantthese are called the Firsts Seconds and ThirdsSign3 modes iconic indexical and symbolicThe first sound or word a child saysquality7 Equilibrium RegainedAccording to the myth the generativedegenerative process was triggered by the disturbance of a state of perfect equilibrium and equipoiseThis myth opened the curtains to reveal a culture and life of a people endlessly and obsessively concerned with establishing if not restoring equilibratedcumcompatible relationships between themselves and other entities of the phenomenal universe such as ur house and sexual partner as well as with establishing and preserving substantial equilibrium within their own bodies between kunam and karmam bile and windKnowledge about the other and knowledge about oneself may appear to be different and distinctIn the Tamil world view knowledge about the other or object knowledge is but an extension of selfknowledgeThis double knowledge can be acquired in two waysIn Tamil the first mode of acquisition of knowledge is called inaippal arital and the second is known as pakuppal aritalInaippal means join unite ciakesce to be alike connection copulation and samenessInaippal means to know by establishing relationships of unity sameness coalescence to know by connecting joining and so onIn pakuppal arital the root paku means many divide distribute apportion allot and classifyThus pakuappal arital is to know by dividing classifyingin short by making distinctionsWe may render this kind of knowledge as analytic knowledge
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