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ANTH 1001

AuthorKeyConceptKeyConcept2PotentialExamQuestion1 What are Boas views about BoasEvolutiontheassociatedDynamicphenomenonofhereditary and migratory culturalEstablishedissuesculturalchangestructuresmodernAmerican Similar customs are found throughoutBecause of migration new cultural Boas wrote collecting many anthropologyasthe world and at the same time all have structures are added to society Both documentsreports and doing thestudyofthekey aspects that differ from one another internal and external aspects can a comparative analysis and sumtotalofThose differences are what you study change the society as it develops over create a theoretical piecenot humanexample most cultures have marriage of time This leads to this dynamic the method we use todayphenomenasorts it is the different customs and phenomenon of cultural changeBoas is expecting ethnology totraditions that are studied Culture could not be reduced to biologybe done and he expects or other expressions of symbolic himself to do it Ethnology Thought it was false that all societies thought such as language Boas and his comes out of producing progress through the same stages in the students understood culture inclusively ethnographysame order Structures were not created and resisted developing a general consciously in society but out of needdefinition of culture Indeed they 2 What are the two or three mainresisted identifying culture as a thing topics that Boas discusses instead using culture as an adjective thoroughly to contribute to causesrather than a noun Boas argued that of cultural changecultural types or forms are always in a state of fluxMalinowskiPrinciplesofethnographicImportanttasksoffieldworkfieldworkUnderstanding the whole of culture Based on Malinowskis contributes to the whole of humanityethnographic method why 1 Possess real scientific aims and knowAchieve knowing through participation would an outside know more the values and criteria of modern Expanding the recordIf youve only than an insiderethnographyfound what youre looking for you have 2 To put himself in good conditions of failedwork To report on what was there but 3 To apply a number of special methods whyhow you got there of collecting manipulating and fixing his Establishing what the connection is evidencebetween the different solutions that humans have come up with for their share of problems Culture is the form of societys substance Society is the skeleton and culture is the blood Only through time that the full body and blood of native life fil
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