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Carleton University
ANTH 1002
Blair Rutherford

The world evolves around technology, and there is a constant evolution in the items that we use everyday; but in this world of massive consumerism, there is an item everyone holds on to: blue jeans. They are a timeless piece of clothing that adapt to all situations and moods. In the Manifesto of Denim, Miller and Woodward show that denim is present all over the world as a clothing article that remains popular over time, but also as an item that can be distinguished locally. From an anthropological point of view, the project started, Global Denim, is a possible goldmine of information. In this manifesto, we are presented with two conclusive examples of the development of denim as a local item, researched by an anthropologist in Brazil. Mizrahi shows this special jean fabric, which is particular to Brazil. Brazilians made their own fabric, their own touch to the already popular denim. By doing so, they show the uniqueness a culture can achieve from a piece of clothing. It is one strong example of the change of a world-known item in a specific part of the world. The second proof we are shown is from Britain. After observing women, Woodward came to the conclusion that denim in this part of the world, is a personal and intimate clothing item that is the solution to the typical morning dilemma of dressing o
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