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ANTH 1002
Blair Rutherford

In the article The Wedding Banquet Revisited: “Contract Marriages” Between Korean Gays and Lesbians by John Cho, many issues are explained about the challenges homosexuals deal with in Korea. Contract marriages are shown to be an arrangement between a gay man and a lesbian to fool their families, pretending they are a straight married couple. After facing the pressure from their parents to get married, they turn to websites that match people who are looking for “fake” husbands and wives. I quoted fake because as seen in the article, even if they are in their own relationships with other people, they come to think that their partner in marriage is more of a companion, and it makes their “real” relationship suffer : “ 'For Paula, to become a good wife and a daughter-in-law, she has to become a bad girlfriend,' said Eugene quietly.” (Cho 2009:416) Other problems in the marriage include the in-laws. As explained by the couples in the article, they have to attend family gathering and play the good husband and wife role when the parents come over. It becomes a source of stress and each person is obligated
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