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Carleton University
ANTH 1002
Blair Rutherford

From the article, we understand that the Urapmin are looking for approval of “white people”, considered superior, in terms of Christianity. They used to have a traditional religion, but the desire to be a part of the white world made them “convert” to Christianity. In that transition, there were many changes in the Urapmin. “Gone were the food and other taboos...gone were the rituals...and innumerable other aspects of their culture” (Robbins:10) The Urapmin say they can never go back to their traditional culture, but the two main changes that occurred were their relationship with the white world and their beliefs about the apocalypse. Nowadays, the Urapmin want to be the equal to white men, and do so by trying to be as knowledgeable as white religious figures. Their constant preparation for the return of Jesus is also something new in the Urapmin's lives, that was not present in their traditional beliefs. Robbins is a white person, seen a religiously knowledgeable figure for the Urapmin, they trusted him with information about the return of J
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