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Carleton University
ANTH 1002
Blair Rutherford

Filipino Facebook users see social media in a different way than Westerners. The choice of profile picture is more than just an image picked out randomly, it is a representation of the reality to define identity. Facebook tracks and builds a profile representing users interactions, and the choice of the digital image is certainly a great part of the transformation in personhood. The use of historical images in the Philippines is mostly use to show facebook friends and friends of friends where they come from, their roots, and what is theirs, what belongs in the Filipino nation. “...this photograph expresses homesickness and nostalgia for their hometown's past.” (McKay 2010:490), talking about the photograph of a haunted house. The people living in or coming from the town of Baguio used the image to show their online contacts a bit of their past. Other uses of historical images include the expression of pride amongst Filipinos and kinship, such as the use of Figure 2 “ABenguet Brave” (McKay 2010:491), which Mckay describes its meaning for facebook users: “Posting these images establishes their belongings beyond family and neighborhood, ki
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