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ANTH1002 Introduction to AnthropologythJanuary 8 2013Setting Out Anthropological DisConnectionsBRANCHES OF ANTHROPOLOGYPhysicalbiologicalArchaeologyLinguisticSociocultural WHAT IS SOCIOCULTURAL ANTHROPOLOGYIncludes what is commonly referred to as the study of contemporary cultures and societies meaning of interactions practises norms customs conventionsPredicated on the interconnectedness of human people and the disconnections between individuals or groups Fieldwork An extended period of close involvement with the people anthropologists study during which they collect most of their dataParticipantObservation A method used by anthropologists to gather information by living as closely as possible to the people they study and participating in their lives as much as possibleEthnography most commonly refers to the written or filmed description of a particular cultural groupTHE NACERIMATHE TYRANNY OF CULTURAL CONVENTIONmuch time spent in ritual activityrite and ceremony to overcome inherent ugliness debility and disease of bodyhousehold shrines to perform rituals in privatecharm box is focal point of shrine with charms and magical potionsspecialized practitioners MedicineMenHerbalists daily mouth rite with small bundle of hoghairs inserted into mouthHoly Mouth Man and ritual torture of the clientThey are a North American group living in the territory between the Canadian Cree the Yaqui and Tarahumare of Mexico and the Carib and Arawak of the Antilles Little is known of their origin although tradition states that they came from the eastWeekly Readings The Mysterious Maya of National Geographic by Peter HervikThe author compares the Mayas to the Vikings The Vikings are from the same period with similar traitsScandinavia is a rich industrialized place vs Mexico which is seen as a poor third world countryThe purpose of this article is to examine a site of essentialist Maya culture production whose products are based on the notion of cultural community How are the Mayans portrayed in the media what is their roleModern Mayans with noidea about their history allow the media to create their own take on MayansCultural continuity following tradition resisting changeMetanarrative Mayan ethnic identity is explained as the continuity of preHispanic meanings surviving in spite of colonialismEssentialism things are a set of characteristics that make them what they are and that the task of scienceThis is a key feature in building cultural continuity the practice of regarding something as a presumed human trait as having innate existence or universal validity rather than as being a social ideological or intellectual construct the main characters involved in national geographic archaeologists photographers editors etc are ethnographers middle class Americans contemporary and ancient MayansHabitus relates to when something becomes mundane ordinary in society The thing that is mundane may have some significance in the past but in the present this has been forgotten and takes up the space of a habitCulture sets of learned behaviourideas that human beings acquire as members of society Human beings use culture to adapt totransform the world they live inThe other or the otherness relates back to the colonial era when nonwestern individuals were opposite to westernersCultural Continuity CC represents cultures as staticunchanging ignoring dynamic relations interactioncompares discourses about Mayans and Vikings same time period similar traits spiritual conquest writing systems contemporary revitalization p168Scandinavia developed Mexico poor p168Maya other Vikingsus p168National Geographic middleclass American readership p169 financial giant of archeology p169 speaks on behalf of Mayato bridge the gap between Maya and modern Americans p170Discoursesonly two worldstraditional or modern p 172mysteriouspositions them as experts powersell more mags get more jobs p173timelessnesshistoricmodern images mirroring each other time colapsed p174 175lexiconremote distinct isolated unspoiled unseen ancient p177social evolutionknow their future through our own past p180dismiss modern MayaauthenticpreColumbus today is complicated passive recipients p182maya ignorancemilpa traditional forest management destructive of environment p182184smokey the bear referenceeven children know better p1842 sides of CCmetanarrativeMayan ethnic identity is the continuity of preHispanic meanings surviving in spite of Colonialism and history more generally p190a taken for granted way of thinking about the Mayaleads to disappointment with modern Maya p190thJanuary 15 2013Colonial Dividing The Travails of Anthropological PublicsAnthropologists study meaningmaking and meaningful practices within social relations the symmetrical and asymmetrical ties and forms of interactions between people and relations between people and objects and other lifeforms in particular locales within wider historical conjuncturesWhy talk about colonialism and not cultures brings society together culture is influenced by colonialismHow is culture used as a termReification to treat something in a thing of itself curse word you miss out on the good stuff of the object you overlook the good in it and look down at it to think of or treat something abstract as if it existed as a real and tangible objectEthnography study Study of meaningful practisesmeaning making learned behaviours ideas practises etc between individuals groups kinships objects institutions etcCOLONIALISMThe political conquest of one society over another that leads to cultural dominationenforced social changeoMovement of large groups of people settlers displaced nativesoChanging economies slave coin currency trade spaces agricultureConsequences of European Colonialism Overhaul of landpoverty arrangementideas
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