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ANTH 2630

ANTH 2630 Class Notes 022514Critical ReadingProf suggested questions to ask as you readWhat is missing WhyHow is text scripted Does conclusion workWhat are future directions possibilitieswell be looking at critical reading in a workshop with SandyPractice theoryELSA p4Why focus on everyday livesproduction and transformation of cultureKhans becomingpractice theory PT P T is a paradigm lens model for understanding personhood and culture as amanifestation of everyday lifeexperience dialectic between structurehuman actioninterrelationship mutually constructive relationship structureand action moving backforth in a dynamic relationship individual participates increates social life but is never outside ofculture or structure individual is not simply an automaton not automatically reacting to orfollowing structure heshe participatesshapes culturestructure social normsways of beingacting in a structureeg walking into a mosquebut these rely on human participationconstantcultivationKey Theorists for practice theoryPierre Bordieauhabitusattempted to capture permanent internalization of socialorder in human bodydynamicmobile idea we are not outside but highly interactive through thehuman body eg production of your body as a student is a particularly in ritual moments rites of passageMichel Foucault also interested in bodyschools prisons institutionsinterested in relationship between powerknowledgehow institutions ask us to behave ways we pony up to authority eg Kievbodies in revolution together to challenge authorityconsuming and acting outwe enact support or challengeAnthony Giddensstructurationanalysis of relationship between human agencysocial structure in whichprimacy is granted to neither but ratherhow principles of order could beproducedreproduced at the level of practice itselfnot through some non agentive ordering society that impinges on individual actions from aboverepetition of acts of individuals produces structures
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