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Asian Anthro FinalReligion and Ritual Religion is more practical and personal There is no predominant religion in ChinaChinese people are very religious however they dont just have one particular religion They go to temples that are associated with certain things that they made need such as wealth Synchretism combination of various religious practices Shinto is considered to be the only native Japanese religion and the others are all foreign importssuch as Christianityand BuddhismShinto rituals are done at certain times in ones life It is a polytheistic religion which means they do not have one God but many deities and spiritsOne of their more important deities is Amaterasu who is the god of the sun Chinese Religions 1Folk Religion Ancestor worship ghost worshipBurning incense fortune telling Not an institutionalized form of religion Chinese spirit money is fake money that is burnt on special occasions so that their ancestors will have money in their afterlife2 Daoism Cosmos are organized around natural forces and people should work to be in synch with it Tai ChiSlightly mystical religionConfined to China Hierarchy of gods is linked to this religion3 BuddhismLife is a struggle against pain and desire People should strive to obtain enlightenment like the Buddha This religion is found in India China Japan and Tibet
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