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Applied Linguistics and Discourse Studies
ALDS 1001
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N ArtemevaALDS 1001B W 2013Takehome Test 10100 points Total 100Due at the beginning of class on February 4 2013NameStudent Number Directions To complete this assignment you need to review ALL the material covered so far in the course including the textbook companion website linked to cuLearn especially the glossary and flashcards lectures and lecture slides Guided Reading Assignment guest talks and so on The test consists of six parts Read the test questions for the first time If you know answers to some questions write them right away For other questions locate answers in the course materials paraphrase them in your own words and write the answers Please avoid long quotes You may quote an essential phrase but not more that thatA quote should be accompanied by an explanationYou must provide intext citations and corresponding references for all direct quotesIt would be helpful for your readers if you provided intext citations for the sources wherein you had located the answers that you later paraphrasedPlease provide a list of references at the end of the test with all references corresponding to intext citations The APA citationreference format is requiredPlease follow the instructions at the beginning of each part of the testPlease type your answers directly into this form Please save your tests in the doc docx txt rtf or pdf formatsIf you are working in Pages on an iPad please make sure that you save your file as a Word or pdf document before submission Part I 5 pointsFill in the blanks in the passages below1 Language is more than just words Through language we express who we are where we come from and how we relate to each other Through language we express our social background character and intentions In other words language represents human social identity behaviour and interaction 1
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