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ARTH 1100
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ARTH 1100Chapter 1Intro1925 explorers found Australopithecus 3 million year old humans bones in a cave in Makapansgat South AfricaPebble that looks like a face found with the bonesNot considered art because nothing was removed from normal contexts nothing altered and not labeledArt began around 30000 BCE Paleolithic ArtGreek paleoold and lithosstone Humans went beyond recognition of forms to representation huge achievementAfricaCa 19691972 scientists found seven fragments of stone plaques with paint on them 45 have recognizable images of animals1 has a striped beast maybe a zebraCharcoal on the plaques is from around 23000 BCEArtists have 2 questions before beginning workoWhat is my subject in Paleolithic times it was usually always an animaloHow shall it be represented prof
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