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Art History February 6.docx

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Art History
ARTH 1101
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thArt HistoryFebruary 6 2013midterm format on WebCTst1 imagine identification on MDID title name date within 25 years medium country andor city if its specificbrief question answered in 5 sentences about itnd2 take what you learned in course and apply to what you havent seenrd3 5 terms emphasized on WebCTth4 single essay question compare two things to each other style what theyre made of who commissioned it why all of it is important why artwork summarizes historical perioddont write in two separate sections correlate them at same time ex a b a b a bCeiling Paintingsuse variety of media to create the illusion that the ceiling is not there open roof to skyChurches used because opening to sky follows theme of Ascension of Christ Saints etcPozzo probably most accomplished of this talentAndrea PozzoThe Glorification
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