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Art History
ARTH 1200
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ART1200 Week 8 NotesMonasticism building styleBasilicaBarrel vault over naveArches seperating aislle with conical corinthian capitalsConvention for the apse to be in the east and the entrance in the westTransept seperating apse from nave called a cruciform planAxes where nave and transept intersect is the crossingThe bay is a basic spacial unit of sectional building for the naveSpecific to monastic organizationsRefectory place to eatCommon roommeeting placeChapter houseoffice for businessCloisterclosed off walkway around an open spaceStMartin du Canigou Paired aisles buttressed high vaults of naveBroken barrel vault banded with transverse arches in each bay for visual articulationstructural reinforcementLight for nave was provided directly by small clerestory windows located under vaulting great loads sustained by walls severely restricted possibility for larger openingsThe Cluniac orderCluny III 10881130A rich and populous order of monks
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