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In order to run the bronze age greece needed to be involved with a larger trading group. In the greek world there were diff religion, languages, beliefs, societies. Some of the cultures aren"t even greek during some of these times. Epic poetry of homer is when they thought the bronze age developed (greek civilization) with the beginning of nothing less. Timeline for the rediscovery of the greek bronze age. Essential- 750 bc on homer"s iliad and odyssey-epic poetry (trojan war/sack of troy) 1334 bc - trojan war (douris, late 4th bc) ca. 1250 bc - trojan war ( herodotus, mid 5th bc) 1209 bc - trojan war (marmor parium, 3rd bc) 1184 bc - trojan war (eratosthenes, 3rd-2nd bc) ca. Milman parry 1928 > oral tradition of epic poetry. 1180 bc > ba ends > dark age begins. After 1180 bc oral tradition is spread on to many generations due to oral word.

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