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ASLA 1020 Study Guide - Final Guide: Cochlear Implant

2 pages147 viewsWinter 2017

American Sign Language
Course Code
ASLA 1020
John Kidd
Study Guide

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- Name me Sandra Nanos
- Student at CU
- Study ASL
- Class ASL1020E
- Teacher Jon Kidd
- 1010 teacher Todd Tobin
- Major Child studies
- Minor ASL
- 3 favourite colour pink red purple
- 3 favourite food pizza pasta ice cream
Tree #1:
- You’re broken you need to be fixed
- Deaf and hearing are separate in society
- FIX what is wrong: years ago, poor water in ears to try get rid of deaf
- Now: Cochlear implant
- Idea: Common in deaf children that are born to hearing parents
- No attempt to teach sign language
- Focused on making them ‘normal’ rather than your language needs
Tree #2:
- Rejection and result of tree #1, The language is still being ignored
- Deaf people are deaf
- Hearing people speak English
- Deaf people don’t think that they’re broken
- The problem is that the two cultures are separate
- They are different
- Deaf people have pride in who they are
- Deaf people have pride in their culture
- Problem: that they’re still separate,
Tree #3:
- You are who you are and I accept that
- What do you need?
- Easier to learn a L2 if you have a strong L1
- Relevant to everybody, not just deaf people
My Perspective:
- I agree with tree 3
- Sweeden
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