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Biology Exam ReviewEndomembrane SystemEndoplasmic reticulum network of membranous tubules and sacs cisternaespace enclosed by membrane is called the cisternal space2 types of ERsmooth ERrough ERRough endoplasmic reticulumBound ribosomes synthesize proteins that will end up in other compartments of the endomembrane system or that will be secreted from the cellMost proteins made on the rough ER go to the golgi complex which packages and sorts them out for delivery to their final destinationsSmooth Endoplasmic reticulumDoes not have ribosomesHas primarily a metabolic functionLipid metabolismCarbohydrate metabolismDrug and xenobiotic metabolismEnzymes convert drugs poisons and toxic byproducts of cellular metabolism into substances that can be tolerated or more easily removed from the bodyGolgi apparatusImportant for the processing of proteins that were synthesized on the EREndocytosis materials from outside of the cell are enclosed in a segment of the plasma membrane that pockets inward and pinches off as an endocytic vesicleExocytosis a secretory vesicle fuses with the plasma membrane and spills the vesicle contents to the outside Vesicle becomes a part of the plasma membrane
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