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IntroductionOsmosis is the passive diffusion of water across a semipermeable membrane and diffusion is a passing of a solution from concentration to low concentration Russell et al 2010 Either are fundamental for maintenance of cell life Cells engage in osmosis to restore the concentration of the cell in accordance to its surroundings to optimise its ability to survive Mao et al 2008 The cell is constantly trying to achieve homeostasis and therefore engages in osmosis and diffusion as important functions Russell et al 2010 Osmosis and diffusion are done though aquaporins that allow water to pass through the plasma membrane of the cell Ions which are considered small such as glucose or sodium may pass through but larger ions such as starch may not However osmosis is essential for both plant and animal cells Uptake of molecules by diffusion is based on the principal that as the surface area of a cell is large in comparison to its volume the percentage weight gain representative of material uptake will be larger Hoffman et al 2009MethodSausage casing was obtained and a knot was tied in the end This sausage casing was placed in 40mL of distilled water then 2mL of 30 glucose solution and 1mL of 1 starch solution was placed inside of the casing which was then mixed The casing remained in the water for 30 minutes then 1mL of iodide potassium iodide was added to the water in the beaker Four cuvettes were obtained and the solution taken and placed into each were from inside of the sausage casing into two cuvettes the beaker and distilled water One of the cuvettes with solution from the sausage casing had IKI placed into it and the remaining three cuvettes had Benedicts reagent placed into them The three cuvettes with Benedicts reagent were placed in a 60oC Fisher Tissuemat Water bath for 5 minutes Upon the completion of the water bath each solutions colour was qualitatively observedAnother portion of the experiment required that varying concentrations 0 02 04 06M were placed in test tubes Squares of potato Solanum tuberosum were cut to take off any skin and measured for volume mass and surface area using a Denver Instrument MXX212 scale with an uncertainty of 001g and a millimetre ruler with an uncertainty of 05mm then placed into one of the four solutions each The squares remained in the solution for one hour then they were taken out and measured again
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