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Biology 1902 Lecture 1What is an animalany species that can be broken down and defined not plants or fungus Natural Historyis the enjoyment of NATURE Living breathing dynamic plants and animals Natural History is REAL LIFEit is the longest running reality showNatural history is the enjoyment of OBSERVATION of living plants and animalsFLORA AND FAUNA and their interactions It is an OBSERVATIONAL SCIENCESomeone who enjoys natural history is a NATURALIST Natural Historydealing w The properties of natural objects plants or animals a scientific account of any subject on similar lines Charles Macnamara Famous Naturalist Charles DarwinNaturalist John James AbudonFirst Bird Watcher Birder Ernest Thomas SetonRoger Tory PetersonBirder Field watch guides Carl Leneenamed animals Common quote among famous naturalistwhat the heck is thisNaturalistOne who makes a special study of animals or plantsa less precise term than zoologist biologist etc If you studyHerpetologistto study amphibiansreptiles Mammologistto study mammals Ornithologistto study bird Botaniststudy insects Entomologist Adoptions are feature of traits that offer plants and animals an advantage in solving problemsUltimate goal is to pass on genes Adaptations can be physical features Moose tall antlers to impress females Adaptions can be physiological or chemical features Adaptions can be behavioral features Adaptions are not acts of intelligence or planed solutions They are features that have taken thousands even millions of years to Evolve They arise because of selective pressures that act on all livings things These pressure include environmental stresses temperature wind etc and pressures hat arise from other animals and plants completion for food sunlight pressure from predators potential mates and offspring Biotic stressCollectively these forces are NATURAL SELECTION first identities by Charles Darwin the worlds greatest naturalist natural selection is never ending and it is the driving force behind EVOLUTION All living things are driven to produce and any trait that gives a plant or animal an advantage in reproducing and passing on genes can proliferate expand through the species that the individual belongs to and become the trait we see today Thus adaptations are features that ultimately allow a plant or animal to pass on its genes Beaver combing fur grooming Toenails used Course Components 1Staying Alivefor animalsFighting Back 2Elemental Solutions3A Resourceful Menu Dietary Concerns 4The Road to ImmoralityReproduction Flowers get sexy too 5Future Resturns and Economicas of Life hookers Sailers and Other Seedy characters Staying Alive Defences Some are physical some chemical and behavioural CamouflageArt of not being seen concealmentWhat allows animals to hide so wellColour used to conceal Background Matchinganimals match their background Cryptic colorationcrypsis by staying still Habitats offer different backgrounds fields is are vertical backgrounds why they have sparrows Cattail Marshvertical backgroundred wing blackbird American bittern Ground Nesting Animals Spruce grouseAnimals closer to the groundground nesting daple colour spotted
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