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Class 1 animal is any living thing and is broken down into species such as insects mammals reptiles birds etcPlants are considered living things but not animals Precise terms 101Herpetologist one who studies reptilesMammalogist one who studies mammalsOrnithologist one who studies birdsBortanist studies plantsAdaptation Any features or traits that offer plants or animals an advantage in solving problems can be physical chemical andor behavioural Not acts of intelligence they are features that have taken years to evolve intoThey arise due to selective pressure such as environmental stresses other animals and plants competition predators etc All these collective forces are natural selectionDefencesCamouflageconcealment Colours match with backgroundcryptic colourationCrypsis lack of movementClass 2American bitterenTurns its head upward for background matchingGround nesting birds match the groundwith their camouflage eastern screech owl matches the barkGray tree frogfolds in and matches the tree with camouflage can change his colourBackground matching can change seasonallySnowshoe Hare aka Varying Hare Brown in summer Mixed in fall White in winterMany songbirds have strips over their head and through the eye This is because when a bird is in a nest only their head is visible as such it aids in concealment Males and females have this pattern because they turns on the eggsWhen predators hunt they have a search image disruptive patterns make it harder to identify animalsKilldeer Bird with disruptive pattern from the head to the breast Has a ground nest where the breast bands camouflage the birdCanada Goosechin strap is an example of the disruptive patternCommon Loonhas a necklace disruptive pattern Camo matches the shore line
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