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Week Eight - Lecture A.rtf

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Carleton University
BIOL 1902

Natural HistoryWeek EightLecture AMassassauga Rattlesnake has digestive enzymes a poisonMammals such as the shorttailed shrew has a poisionous bite filled with hemotoxinsSome animals employ selective feeding which is a process where the animal digests most of its prey smaller animals will suck the juices from the indigestible parts while bigger animals will leave the bones behindThe Fisher Weasel will skin its prey Porcupines in a process called skinning Bears also do thisSome animals will pass indigestible parts hair and bone fragments through their body The hair is digested to protect the intestines and stomach when swallowing the bonesOwls will swallow their prey shrews voles etc whole then pass it through to the gizzard which separates the digestible parts liquifies from the indigestible parts hair and bones are made into a ball and regurgitated into a pelletPredators face dangers when hunting prey For example deer can injure predators using their hooves stepped on cracked skulls during the chase or capture In another case a hawk can impale itself upon diving into bushes while trying to catch its preyBioaccumulati
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