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BIOL 1902
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BIOL1902Natural History September 19 2013Staying Alive Five Lined Skinkbright blue tail very obvious part of the animalstartle patternwith a tail that bright as soon as an animal touches the tail it detaches and starts hopping on the ground so whatever was chasing the skink looks at the tail thinking its not the greatest part of the animal and the skink is now gone hiding under a rock away from the predator The tail is used to keep the predator distracted The tail will grow back eventually it is not necessary for survival Autotomylosing part of its body to get away from a predator Physical DefensesBody Armour Millipedes When they are under attack they curl up and use their exoskeleton hard external body part to defend themselves and protect the under part of their exoskeleton Snails Shell made of calcium protective housing At the door of the shell there is a little trap door so they are sealed inside of there Some beetles cut off that trap doors and eat the snails Shells have evolved for protection Beetles When under attack they will put their arms legs and antennae into grooves to protect the vital body parts Click beetle also has a sort of mouse trap lets it spring out and run away Turtles Body armour for millions of years When alarmed the arms legs and head pull back into the shell to protect themselves from predators Snapping turtles cannot fully withdraw from their shells The bottom part of their s
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