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BIOL 1902
Michael Runtz

Staying Alive Survival GeneticsHow have animalsplanets learn to surviveEvolve defensesWhat is the most basic survival strategyAvoiding detectionWhat is one of the ways that animals have mastered the art of being invisibleColor patternBody formBehaviorWhat has been the focus of research in recent yearsCamouflage or concealmentWhat are the common forms of camouflage and concealmentBackground matchingDisruptive color patternsBackground matchingenvironment exhibits patternsvertical lines colorWhen an animals appearance matches the environment around them this is an example ofBackground matchingThe American Bittern and female RedWinged Blackbird with vertical stripes along its neck is an example of what Background matchingWhat part of the savanna sparrow matches their habitat Brown stripes on their pale breast match vertical lines in the grassHow do bitterns work their breast strips to best advantagepointing their bills straight up into the airIn woodland full of shadecasting trees which animal use camouflageWood Thrushes have pale breasts adorned with dark spotsBaby Deer have their dark brown coats covered with white spotsWhich of these animals is an example of a terrestrial animal that can change their color to better match their environmentGray tree frogsCamouflage will only work in which situationAnimal must have motionless behavior Avoiding detection by combining a motionless behavior with some form of camouflage such as background matchingCrypsis Ex Whippoorwills American woodcockWhat are the dominant colors at ground level where dead leaves and other organic debris accumulatebrowngray and blackThe Chinstrap of a Canada Goose and the necklace of a Common Loon only works when the heads are lowered are examples ofDisruptive patterns Whats an example of cavity dwelling birdsScreech Owls Gray tree frogsfold their legs under their chest so that their body becomes one with the trees this is an example of Bark mimicry Gray tree frogs change their colour this is an example ofCamouflageKilldeers sport breast and facial bands when do they work bestwhen it is motionless on its nestThe Chipping Sparrow have a dark line through the eye what is this line calledeyelineThe chipping Sparrow also have a wide pale band lying above the eyeline what is this calledthe supercilium The top of the head is adorned with a pale central stripe with a dark border what are this two calledmedium crown stripe lateral crown stripewhat is this an example of Disruptive patternswork when the chipping sparrow is sitting on its nest what an example of a mammal that employ disruptive coloration as camouflageChipmunksstrong facial markings stripes running the length of their backsRaccoons dark band running through the eyesSeldom is a form of camouflage confined to which type of animalWood FrogsamphibiansmasksCommon yellowthroats birds masks Disruptive Patterns when in different body parts align when those body parts come into contact thisis an example ofcontinuous disruptive patternsEx Leopard Frogs leg What are Notonectidsspecies that have bear pale upperparts and dark undersidesThe groups is called backswimmersWhat is biocolorationhaving a dark upper surface and pale underside for background matchingWhat is countershadinga type of camouflage in which the dark upper parts shade the paler belly creating a more uniform or flat appearance by removing the 3D effect also known as obliterative shadingWhat is the purpose of biocoloration in a deerpale belly the shadow created by the back helps to even out the animals coloration making it appear flator self shadow concealment What animals need countershadingDeer because they frequent open or semi open terrain but only works when they are crypsis What is masqueradeA form of camouflage in which the animals body is shaped like a piece of its environmentsuch as a twig or something quite inedible Ex bird feces
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