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BIOL 1902
Michael Runtz

 Some nectar guides are invisible to us  How do plants avoid SELF-POLLINATION? o SELF-STERILITY or SELF-INCOMPATABILITY  SPATIAL PLACEMENT of sex organs  Pink Lady’s-slippers also employ a placement strategy o STAMINODE o Both exits are partially blocked by the STAMINODE and sticky POLLEN MASSES  SPATIAL SEPARATION of sexes o (A) Separate sexes on the same plant (Monoecious)  Female flowers of conifers are usually near the top of the tree and the males at the bottom  Why are they high up?  So pollen from the male flowers does not fall on them o (B) SPATIAL SEPARATION of sexes on different plants (Dioecious)  White Campions plants are either male or female o PERFECT FLOWERS o TEMPORAL SEPARATION of sexes  Orange jewelweed flowers start off as males  The male part falls off and the flower becomes female (prevents self-pollination) o Temporal sex change = DICHOGAMY o Potrandry = male first  Pickerel-weed has another way of avoiding self-pollination  Flowers appear in different forms (stamens/style) heterostyly
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