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BIOL 2600

IntroductionThe fragile nature of environmental biomes has left them vulnerable to the influence that global abiotic environmental changes pose to habitat structure and biotic diversity Universally the threat of global warming poses a substantial impact on abiotic habitats which subsequently causes species diversity Clifford 2013 The delicate biome in an aquatic environment fluctuates due to abiotic external pressures which causes alteration in habitat and species composition Temperature water level salinity and oxygen availability are major abiotic threats that cause species diversity within the biome Specifically we will be looking at the Rideau river ecosystem which is formed by two different habitats Both habitats during high water levels are combined as one continuous flow As water levels drop two separate habitats are formed both with their individual challenges for survival causing local species to adapt to their environment Due to water quality and speed many invertebrates have had to adapt to their ever changing environment in order to survive and strive The purpose of this experiment is to determine the cause of biotic diversity and see is how the abiotic environment plays a role in the way aquatic invertebrates adapt By collecting benthic samples we will be able to determine certain concentrations of species in specific habitats and determine what abiotic pressures there are in that specific habitat that would cause individual species to adapt to survive Through abiotic pressures in the Rideau River biotic diversity is forced upon species to adapt to their surroundings change in composition and develop specialized feeding guilds Department of Biology 2013Methods
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