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BIOL 4500 Study Guide - Midterm Guide: Pileated Woodpecker, Great Blue Heron, American White Pelican

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BIOL 4500
Michael runtz
Study Guide

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(1) Puddle Ducks (Dabblers) Mechanoreceptor cells
(2) Downy woodpecker Coniferous needles
(3) Hawks Eat seeds at ground level
(4) Woodpeckers Tree buds
(5) Sapsuckers Shock absorbers
(5) Sparrows Unguis (nail or claw)
(6) Pileated woodpecker Short intestines
(7) Vireos Raptorial bill
(8) Ruffed grouse Long, chisel-like bill
(9) Easter whip-poor-will Long, thin bill
(10) American Goldfinches Broad based bill
(11) Wax wings Short, strong bill hook
(12) Sandpipers Heavy cone-shaped bill
(13) Hairy woodpecker Spear-like bill
(14) Flycatchers Long, down-curved bill
(15) Herring gull Forceps bills
(16) Red-headed woodpecker Strong stout bill
(17) Dowitchers Small bill
(18) Black back woodpecker Fine bills
(19) Godwits Lamellae
(20) Spruce grouse Herbst corpuscles
(21) Northern flickers Large gapes
(22) Diurnal hunters Pestle seeds
(23) Caspian tern Rictal bristles
(24) American three toed woodpecker Most defines rictal bristles
(25) Nocturnal hunters Bony struts
(26) Red-tailed hawk Zygodactyl toe arrangement
(27) Turkey vulture Carpenter ants
(28) Accipters Nictitating membranes
(29) American kestrel Shallow excavators
(30) Rough legged hawk Deep excavators
(31) Example of accipter Bark strippers
(32) Owls 3 toes
(33) Northern harrier Ground dwelling ants
(34) Shrikes Sap wells
(35) Ospreys Silent flight
(36) Hooded merganser Retinal foveae
(37) American white pelican Rods
(38) Great Blue Heron Hunts by sitting on high perches
(39) Crows Talons
(40) Buteo Pile silencers
(41) Falcons Cones
(42) Warblers Wide heads
(43) Swallows Big heavy hawks
(44) Northern shoveler Binocular vision
(45) Merlin Elliptical wing
(46) Anhinga Hovers
(47) Blue jays Horizontal separation
(48) Archaeoptreyx Speed and surprise
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